Electric heater repair experts suggest easy cleaning tips to extend the life of your gadget

Electric stoves are a very popular heating appliance in the current times. This is widely used for cleaning in both homes and commercial offices across the UK. There is a wide range of electrical cleaning items readily available in the market. The appliance comes at easily affordable price and it is pretty easy and hassle-free to maintain. The popular varieties of this home improvement gadget used at homes are portable and wall-mounted. When you have invested in this gadget it is obvious that you will want to take proper care of it so that in return it can serve you smoothly over the years.

But how can one guarantee that? Well, that is easy! We already came across in the paragraph above that this range of gadgets requires pretty easy and hassle-free maintenance. From that it is not very difficult to guess that quick cleaning and regular repair are the two factors to make the gadget last years together. It is important to note that any kind of repair made to this range of gadgets must be done by none other but a qualified professional. But a “day to day” cleaning is an easy task and does not require much expertise. So this is something that you can handle easily.

In the following sections of the blog post let us explore how to clean electric heaters properly and few other relevant topics.

Does an electric heater need cleaning?

A professional with years of firsthand experience in electric heater repairing says a large number of people in the society are just unaware that their electric heaters require cleaning at regular intervals. It is important to tell one and all that it is important to clean every category of electric heaters at short and regular intervals. Just like many other home improvement gadgets for an electric heater too dust is the worst enemy. When you clean your heater at short and regular intervals it keeps dust away. On the other hand when you do not clean your gadget regularly thick coating of dust gets accumulated inside it. This dust accumulation may prevent your gadget to perform normally. In worst case scenario it may even lead to a fire hazard.

But how does a dust accumulation can lead to so many miserable things? There are lots of things that lie embedded between dust accumulation and the problems that it may lead to. First of all it is common practice of neglecting our heating devices and we all are more or less guilty of it. There are many households where they do not store there gadgets properly during off season. Even if they do they neglect providing the exterior part of the gadget a thorough wipe. The irony is they still expect their heater to be in smooth and sound condition to serve them during the next season!

Electric heaters keep our indoors warm and cosy yet the gadgets get a lot of exposure to dirt and dust. Just imagine a simple activity in your home that is performed every day – making the bed or vacuuming. These simple activities release a lot of dust particles in the air. This dust can travel everywhere in your house. Heaters are easily exposed to this dust. Dust can cover up your heater both from inside and outside explains a professional who provides the service of electric heater repair near me in London.

There is hardly any need to mention that this compromises the efficiency of the gadget in course of time. Even its lifespan gets reduced. Most importantly in case of overheating this may also trigger an electrical fire in your property.

Cleaning electric heaters does not take much time

Cleaning electric heaters is not a time consuming job. There are means to clean the gadget fast and easy so that you can keep dirt and dust away from it. The task hardly takes a few minutes. But before to start on your task it is important to have a few cleaning tools within your reach. The tools include the following –

  • Sponge
  • A bucket full of water
  • Dishwashing soap
  • Microfiber cloth
  • A vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment

Optionally you can also include a mask in the list. It will save you from inhaling the dust. It is also important that you use a microfiber cloth and not just a duster. A duster only spreads the particles instead of collecting those whereas a microfiber cloth collects particles. It is also important that you stay away from spray detergents unless the one you use is particularly meant for cleaning heating devices. It is a famous idea to shower the cleaner on a piece of cloth and not directly on the surface of the electrical heater device. This is the way you can avoid excess amount of moisture and potential damage to your electrical device.

Cleaning the heater

Now follow these steps discussed below to clean your heater.

Step 1 – turn the heater off

This is something essential. You should not forget that you are about to clean an electrical device. After unplugging it from the electrical socket let it completely cool down before you proceed further with your cleaning operation explain electric heating installers near me.

Step 2 – look into the device thoroughly

Once the heater has cooled down completely you can look into it for dust, greasy fingerprints, sticky food stains and others. A thorough surveying look can even detect damage to the exterior surface that you could have missed otherwise.

Step 3 – vacuum clean the vents, grilles and slats

Certain components inside an electric heater collect more dust. This is common for almost any model and any make of these devices. These components collect more dust because of two factors – their shape and location. These components include the grilles of a panel heater, the vent and the fins of column heating device. Use a vacuum cleaner to collect the dust accumulated on the crevices and other locations that are hard to reach.

Step 4 – wiping the exterior

Wipe the exterior surface of the device using a little damp microfiber cloth. Do not miss out the nooks, crannies and the button areas. Apply one to two drops of soap on a damp sponge. Apply the sponge on the surface to get rid of greasy fingerprints and marks of food. Your electric heater’s surface could be of plastic, ceramic or metal. But you can apply this cleaning solution universally without any chance of damage to your device.

If you clean your electric heater at regular intervals you will have to look for electric heater replacement deals for years together. Once the cleaning is over wait till the device gets completely dry before you plug it in and switch it on again.

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