Here’s What Will Happen If We Clean Up Politics

Politics can be a dirty business—from the way certain politicians seem to flaunt their power, to the backroom deals they make to get what they want. But what if we could clean up politics and make it more transparent? What would happen if we took measures, both big and small, to make sure our elected officials were acting with integrity? What would happen if we allowed citizens to more easily hold their representatives accountable? In this post, we take a look at how cleaning up politics can lead to positive change and what might happen if we do.

The current state of politics

Politics today are pretty messy. There’s a lot of fighting and bickering, and not a lot of progress being made. It seems like everyone is more interested in scoring points off each other than actually getting things done.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. There are ways to clean up politics and make it more effective and efficient. Here are some things that could happen if we did:

-We’d get more done. With everyone working together instead of against each other, we’d be able to accomplish a lot more.

-We’d save money. all the fighting costs a lot of money, both in terms of time and resources wasted on negative campaigning, and in terms of the actual cost of running campaigns themselves.

-We’d be more effective at solving problems. Politics would be less about winning arguments and more about finding solutions that work for everyone.

So let’s start cleaning up politics! It’ll be good for us all in the long run.

The problems with our current political system

There are many problems with our current political system. One problem is that special interests have too much influence. Another problem is that politicians are often more concerned with getting re-elected than they are with doing what’s best for the country. Additionally, gerrymandering and the Electoral College make it difficult for third party candidates to win elections, and the two major parties often take extreme positions that make it hard for people in the middle to find common ground. Finally, campaign finance laws allow wealthy individuals and corporations to have an outsized influence on elections.

What would happen if we cleaned up politics?

If we cleaned up politics, it would have a profound and positive impact on our society. For one, it would increase public trust in government. Currently, only 20% of Americans say they can trust the government to do what is right, while 75% say they can trust the government only some of the time or never. If we had a more ethical and effective government, that number would go up significantly.

Furthermore, it would make our democracy more functional. Partisanship would decrease as politicians worked together for the common good instead of their own interests. In addition, special interest groups would have less power over politicians and policymaking. As a result, laws would be passed that actually reflect the will of the people instead of corporate lobbyists or other powerful interests.

Finally, cleaning up politics would boost our economy. A more efficient and trustworthy government would attract businesses and investment, resulting in economic growth. More jobs would be created and tax revenue would increase, benefiting all Americans.

In short, cleaning up politics is essential to improving our country in a variety of ways. It’s time to demand reform and make our voices heard!

The benefits of cleaning up politics

If we clean up politics, the benefits will be numerous. For one, we will get rid of the corruption that plagues our political system. This corruption often leads to cronyism and special interests groups getting undue influence over government policy. Additionally, cleaning up politics will help to restore faith in government and the political process. Currently, there is a lot of cynicism surrounding politics, and many people feel that their voices are not being heard. If we can make politics more transparent and accountable, then people will be more likely to get involved and have faith in the system. Finally, cleaning up politics will lead to better policies being enacted. When special interests are able to buy influence, they often push for policies that benefit them rather than the general public. If we can get rid of this influence, then we can start making decisions based on what is best for everyone instead of just a select few.

How to clean up politics

The world of politics is a dirty one. From backroom deals and under-the-table payments to scandals and smear campaigns, it seems like there’s no end to the ways that politicians can stoop to get ahead.

But what if we could clean up politics? What would that look like?

For starters, we would see an end to the corrupt practices that have become all too common in the world of politics. Backroom deals and shady payments would no longer be tolerated, and politicians would be held accountable for their actions.

We would also see an end to negative campaigning. Smear campaigns and personal attacks would no longer be allowed, and instead, politicians would have to focus on presenting their policies and ideas in a positive light.

Finally, we would see more transparency in government. Secrets and hidden agendas would no longer be tolerated, and instead, everything would be out in the open for everyone to see.

Of course, cleaning up politics is easier said than done. But if we want to see real change in the way our government operates, it’s something that needs to be done.


Cleaning up politics is essential for the future of democracy. It will help restore trust in government, reduce corruption and ensure that everyone has an equal say in how our country is run. This will create a healthier political culture, where people are encouraged to engage and collaborate on issues they care about rather than be divided by them. Cleaning up politics also gives us more faith that leaders can develop sensible policies that benefit all citizens instead of just those with money or influence. All these benefits come together to make cleaning up politics one of the most essential steps we can take toward creating a better, fairer society for everyone.

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