How POS Software can help you Fix iOS 16 Issues Quickly?

Apple has launched its latest update for iPhone users recently. The iOS 16 is designed with several new features, such as Share Play, focus, etc., that help users to interact better with their colleagues, friends, and family. However, just like any other iOS update, users might face issues using their devices, for which they have to visit a cell phone repair shop.

This article will highlight some of the significant updates iOS 16 has brought for us and the issues one has to fix at their phone service center. Additionally, you will get to how a phone repair shop POS software can help you manage all the ongoing processes at your service center. Let’s find out.

  • iPhone as a Webcam

One of the great features of iOS 16 updates is; you can use your iPhone as a MacBook webcam, as the rear camera of a mobile device is far better than the built-in webcam on an Apple laptop. Also, there is a Desk View using which one can use their ultrawide camera to cover additional things.

Now, users can visit your repair store whenever they face any issue or bug in their cell phone’s camera. And you need to get the best technicians to resolve all the issues related to an iPhone’s camera. If there’s possibly no issue with the software, the repairer has to install a whole new camera by opening the device.

  • Lock Screen Overhaul

In iOS 16, Apple has completely redesigned the lock screen, as now, notifications will appear on the bottom of your device’s screen. And if you do not like the feature, you can restore the old settings. You can also add more live activities, such as Uber and Careem rides widgets.   

This also features a wallpaper gallery with several new designs, such as real-time weather conditions. And if you use the iPhone 14 series, you can hide your notifications and wallpaper by turning the always-on display.

And whenever a customer visits your shop to fix any issues in their iPhone, you can quicken the process using the customer facing display feature of point of sales software. Using this, you can show customers all the order information while checking out.

  • Editable Messages

One can edit the messages on Twitter, even after sending them with the iOS 16 update, up to five times. Moreover, you can undo your messages for up to two minutes. All in all, this is a great feature update for all Apple lovers, as sometimes, you type the wrong message or miss some of the information.

In the messaging app, Apple has added Share play support, where you can start the action in the application and chat with synced video. However, as far as the matter is concerned with facing an issue with editable messages, the screen can get broken or stop working. And at your repair shop, you might have to change the panel or the screen or reinstall the software.

To ease the process, you must equip your store with the repair shop softwarewhich will always keep your inventory top-up, such as LCDs, cell phone batteries, back covers, cameras, etc.

  • Medication Tracking

The company has updated the health application with an all-new medication tab to help make it simpler and more convenient for users to track their medications. For example, using your device’s camera, you can scan the label of the syrup or the tablet you need daily.

Using these features, along with taking care of yourself, you can also take care of an older person in your family. Additionally, you can share this information with your doctor and other family members.

  • Quick Battery Draining 

This is one of the major issues iPhone users face after upgrading to iOS 16. Moreover, for Apple users, it can take some time for the latest iOS to run as efficiently as the older versions. So, you might come across customers facing this challenge while using their mobile phones.

To fix the issue, you can turn off the device and switch it on again. If that does not work, you can update the software. If that also does not work, you must change the cell phone’s battery with a new one.

You must order the battery from your desired vendor using the phone repair shop POS software for that purpose. It will help you place the order quickly, with everything pre-defined. 

Final Words

The iOS 16 is an excellent update from Apple for all its users. Now, people can better communicate with their clients and loved ones, saving time for everyone. However, all the issues must be resolved to give customers a better product for which they are paying.

Above, we have mentioned some of the best features the company has given in its latest update. Also, we have let you know to fix issues if there are any in the iOS 16 update. So, hopefully, you enjoyed reading this post and will wait till we come up with another one.



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