How to Customize your Continental GT 650

The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 epitomizes the spirit of café racing and is a timeless classic among motorcycle enthusiasts. It’s a blank canvas waiting for riders to add their own personal touches, thanks to its vintage style and contemporary performance. Royal Enfield continental gt 650 accessories are made to modify it to fit your tastes and preferences is one of the most exciting things about the motorcycle.

 In this blog, we’ll look at the wide range of aesthetic and performance customization options to Customize your Continental GT 650.

Adapt the Paint Job to Yourself

A Continental GT 650’s striking design is the first thing that draws your attention, and the paint job significantly contributes to this. However, if you really want to stand out from the crowd, think about getting a custom paint job. Royal Enfield offers a variety of timeless and modern colours. You can collaborate with a gifted artist to create a design that captures your personality and vision, from intricate pinstriping to vintage racing stripes.

Along with making your Continental GT 650 stand out among other motorcycles, custom paint jobs can incorporate elaborate patterns, matte finishes, or even metallic colours.

A distinctive paint job is the ideal way to showcase your individuality, whether you choose a minor touch-up or a total makeover.

Enhance the exhaust system

The sound of the engine is among the most exhilarating features of riding a bike. The Continental GT 650’s shares exhaust delivers a strong roar, but many riders yearn for a more recognizable and aggressive tone. The distinctive sound you’ve been longing for can be produced by upgrading your exhaust system.

The different sizes, shapes, as well as noise levels of aftermarket exhaust systems allow for various performance gains. Whichever suits your tastes, you can choose a traditional, low rumble and a high-pitched, sportier note. To make sure your upgraded exhaust complies with local noise ordinances, check them out.

Cafe Racer Essentials can be used as jewellery.

The cafe racer aesthetic emphasizes the marriage of speed and style, and your Continental GT 650 can be customized with a variety of accessories to help you achieve that look. Start with a handlebar in the café racer fashion, which not only makes the bike look better but also helps you ride more comfortably and with greater control.

Additionally, for a true café racer feel, think about adding clip-on handlebars. With these handlebars, you can ride in a more aerodynamic position, which is great for cutting through the wind on those open roads.

Adopt contemporary technology

Although the Continental GT 650 has a retro aesthetic, you can still use contemporary technology to improve your riding. Install a GPS unit for safe exploration of uncharted territory. You can stay in touch with other riders, listen to music, or make calls while driving thanks to Bluetooth-enabled helmets as well as communication systems.

Additionally, LED lighting upgrades give your classic vehicle a modern touch while also enhancing visibility. For a safer and more fashionable journey, think about installing LED headlamps, taillights, and signal lights.

Initial safety

It is exciting to customize your Continental GT 650, but you must put safety first. Aim to avoid modifying the bike in a way that compromises its structural integrity or safety features. If you’re going to make significant changes to your motorcycle, always get advice from a qualified technician or mechanic.

Moreover, spend money on top-notch riding apparel, such as a helmet, gloves, jacket, and boots. In addition to protecting you, safety equipment enhances your riding experience.


The availability of an extensive selection of Royal Enfield modification accessories on Carorbis makes it simple to customize your Royal Enfield Continental GT 650. You can customize your bike to be a one-of-a-kind expression of your style and preferences by adding stylish exhaust systems, better handlebars, and custom seat options. Use these customizing options to improve both performance and appearance for a memorable riding experience.


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