Is Jodie Comer According to Science the Most Beautiful Woman in the World?

Whether you believe in science or not, you probably think that Jodie Comer is the most beautiful woman in the world. This is the truth, but it isn’t the only reason that she is deemed to be so. There are many factors that have influenced her beauty, and we’ll talk about all of them here.

Measures of beauty

Using scientific methods, a Harley Street cosmetic surgeon has determined the measures of beauty for Jodie Comer. The results were not surprising; Comer has perfect facial features. Her top scores include the highest lips shape, eyes position, and nose length. Her closest rivals are Beyonce and Zendaya.

Aside from using scientific methods, Dr Julian De Silva employed computer assisted mapping techniques. These techniques used a mathematical equation known as the Golden Ratio of Beauty to measure physical perfection.

The Golden Ratio of Beauty is the mathematical equation that measures the level of attractiveness of a face. The Golden Ratio uses the length and width of a face to determine the most attractive aspect. Basically, the closer the ratio to 1.618 (the ideal ratio is 1.5 times wider than it is long), the more attractive the face.

Acting career

During her acting career, Jodie Comer has accumulated various accolades. She has received a Primetime Emmy Award, two British Academy Television Awards, two Golden Globe Awards, and a Critics Choice Award. She has also appeared in several films. Jodie’s latest role is as Villanelle in the BBC drama series Killing Eve.

According to science, Jodie Comer is the most beautiful woman in the world. Her beauty rating was compiled by a UK plastic surgeon, Dr Julian De Silva. He used a technique called the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, which was first developed by the ancient Greeks.

This method of measuring beauty takes into account facial features such as the shape of the nose, lips, and eye position. The Golden Ratio is calculated by dividing the length of the face by the width. The result should be close to 1.6. Dr De Silva used computerised mapping techniques to achieve this result.


Using scientific methods, Jodie Comer has been deemed the most beautiful woman in the world. This is according to the golden ratio of beauty, which measures the relative proportions of a face.

The golden ratio of beauty is an ancient Greek mathematical formula, which is used by architects and artists to create works of art. It can be applied to any person. It includes a series of features and measurements such as the length of an ear, the width of a forehead, and the size of a nose.

The most obvious application of the Golden Ratio of Beauty is to measure the relative proportions of a face. In this case, the ratio is 94.5 per cent for Jodie Comer’s facial features. The mathematical formula takes into account symmetry of a face, as well as the relative size and position of eyes, nose, and lips.

Mathematical beauty

Using a mathematical formula, a British surgeon has ranked the physical perfection of women. According to Dr Julian De Silva, Jodie Comer is the most mathematically beautiful woman in the world. He evaluated the facial measurements of the actress, who has starred in the films Free Guy and Killing Eve. He also measured the position of her nose and lips. Using this formula, he calculated the perfect proportions of the face.

According to the doctor, Jodie Comer’s face scored 98.7% for the position of the nose, lips and eye. She also had the lowest eyebrow score, at 88 percent. The rest of her features were just below perfect. She was near the top of the list for eye position, nose length, and lip shape.

Bella Hadid

Among the many celebrities that have strutted down the red carpet at New York Fashion Week this season, Bella Hadid has been hailed as the most beautiful. But is it really true? Her looks may be gorgeous, but it’s her actions and beliefs that make her the superstar she is today. As a model and activist, Hadid has raised her voice against Israeli atrocities in Palestine and other parts of the occupied territories. And her recent appearance on the cover of Jalouse magazine has helped to cement her place in the industry.

Rather than simply basing her ranking on looks, Dr. De Silva opted to measure the Golden Ratio of Beauty Phi, a scientific measurement that has been used in the past by Renaissance artists to create perfect works of art. This metric was adapted by scientists to understand the meaning of beauty.

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