Serbia Facing FIFA Discipline Proceedings


During the World Cup in Brazil, there was a lot of controversy and speculation over the actions of Serbia and how FIFA should handle them. One of the biggest controversies was over the racist chants and the dressing-room banner. After the game, the FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, announced that the Serbian team would be facing disciplinary action.

Racist chants

During Serbia’s loss to Switzerland in the group stage of the World Cup, fans chanted racist chants towards Albanians and made anti-Albanian songs. It was an incident that the Football Association of Kosovo (FAK) made a formal complaint to FIFA about.

The incident drew a response from the British government, which urged UEFA to take tough sanctions against Serbia. FIFA, meanwhile, announced that it was looking into the incident.

Eyewitness accounts and photos of the incident suggest that Serbian fans were chanting racist slogans towards ethnic Albanians. In addition, they were also making fascist slogans. For example, one fan wearing a green hat was part of a group wearing green hats and had been associated with atrocities in Kosovo. Another fan made an eagle gesture and was escorted from the stadium.

Several players were booked for ill-tempered behaviour. The Serbian Football Federation (FFA) denies the allegations.

FIFA has opened disciplinary proceedings against Serbia for racist chants. The FIFA vice-president, Sandor Csanyi, has said that the incident was a violation of FIFA rules.

Goal celebrations

During a World Cup match between Switzerland and Serbia in Russia, Xherdan Shaqiri celebrated with an Albanian eagle salute. This is a symbol on the Albanian flag and is seen as a nationalist gesture. However, the gesture was deemed provocative by fans in Belgrade, where the issue of Kosovo’s independence has been a political hot-button.

FIFA has announced disciplinary action against Xherdan Shaqiri and Stephan Lichtsteiner for goal celebrations during the match. They each received a CHF 10,000 fine.

The Football Association of Kosovo (FAK) complained to FIFA about the incidents. They said the actions were “nationalistic”. The FIFA disciplinary committee has opened disciplinary proceedings against the two players.

FIFA disciplinary code for players says they can be banned for two games if they “provoke the general public”. The incident also raised questions over whether the Serbian federation violated FIFA rules. They also accused the Serbian players of displaying a Kosovo flag during their dressing room before the match with Brazil eight days earlier.

Dressing-room banner

During the World Cup, a Serbian dressing-room banner that displayed a controversial Kosovo flag triggered Fifa’s disciplinary proceedings against the Serbian football association. The Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK) strongly condemned the aggressive action against the country, saying it was an abuse of the World Cup platform.

Fifa’s disciplinary code prohibits the use of sports events for non-sporting demonstrations, such as the display of an offensive flag. A photograph circulated online shows a Serbian nationalist flag hung between lockers. The flag featured an outline map of Kosovo filled in with the Serbian national flag.

The flag displayed in Serbia’s dressing room came before Serbia played Brazil in their first World Cup match. Serbia lost 2-0. It also came after Serbia had lost to Switzerland 3-2 in the group stage of the tournament.

Serbian fans sang racist chants during the game. One eyewitness said the crowd directed their racist chants at ethnic Albanians. Another eyewitness said he was set upon by a group of fans. A public address announcement asked the crowd to refrain from discriminatory gestures.

Goal encroachment

During the group stage of the World Cup 2022, Serbia lost 3-2 to Switzerland. Tensions rose during the game and some players were booked. Serbia’s Football Association is now facing FIFA disciplinary proceedings. It has not responded to a request for comment. However, punishments could apply when Serbia plays competitive matches in March.

FIFA’s disciplinary code states that it is not acceptable to use a sports event for non-sporting demonstrations. FIFA has not yet given a timetable for its disciplinary proceedings, but if the case is found to be valid, it could take disciplinary action against the Serbian Football Association. This could include a ban on Serbian players and officials from participating in World Cup competitions.

FIFA has notified the Serbian Football Association that it has opened disciplinary proceedings against them for their behavior in the World Cup game. FIFA said the Serbian crowd made racist comments against ethnic Albanians. Some eyewitnesses claim that Serbian fans also displayed fascist slogans. Some Serbian players were also seen encroaching on the field during the second half.

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